Quality Assurance


Nice Rent a Car is a leading company on the Qatar car rental market. At Nice rent a car, The Service and Quality are considered as the most important factors. We are not just in the business of renting cars. We ensure Our customers are completely satisfied with their rental experience.

Quality Assurance System

We are an ISO certified company. ISO is one of the most recognized and respectful quality systems in the world. It is based on Development, Implementation and Improvement of the effectiveness of each process with the objective of satisfying the client needs by accomplishing their requirements.

Benefits for our clients

  • We offer the same attention, services, and standards of quality in our offices.
  • We try to achieve the highest level of client satisfaction and new opportunities to exceed their expectations.
  • We assure that our quality system is base in continuous improvement

Why we include ISO in our process?

  • Document the best way of doing things
  • Improve what we do to provide better service
  • Comply with company goals
  • Measuring what we do, is done right

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